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FRESH EYES: Community activists need ‘white accomplices, not allies’

John Railey Triad City Beat

January 19, 2022

The bullets tore through their Winston-Salem apartment one night last fall. A young son heard rapid rifle fire (yes, he already knows what that sounds like), then pushed his mother to the floor and lay down beside her.


“The whole apartment shook,” the mother recently told this columnist. “One bullet came through my living room and the other went through the kitchen. If I had been standing, I would have gotten hit.”


The scared family soon moved out, taking refuge in a relative’s home, disrupting work and study. As far as gun violence goes, they were one of the lucky families.


Last year, there were a record 50 homicides in Forsyth County and Winston-Salem, with 44 of those crimes occurring in the city and most involving guns. There were more than a hundred assaults involving guns. Many of the victims were Black and young. [...]

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Local gun prevention coalition hosts ‘Thanksloving’ for families in Cleveland Ave. Homes

Tevin Stinson The CHRONICLE

November 17, 2021

Last weekend several organizations joined forces with the Women’s Gun Violence Prevention Coalition to spread love, encourage peace, and make sure families in Cleveland Avenue Homes have something for Thanksgiving. During the coalition’s first “Thanksloving” event, volunteers distributed 70 turkeys and pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit. [...]

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Rally calls for community, elected officials to join fight against gun violence

Tevin Stinson The CHRONICLE

October 21, 2021

The Women’s Gun Violence Prevention Coalition is calling for all hands on deck in the fight against senseless gun violence. During the “Our Opportunity to Love Rally” held last weekend, members of the coalition and several other local organizations made a clarion call to the public, community leaders, and elected officials to do their part to stop the violence. 


There have been 29 homicides in Winston-Salem this year. Many of the victims and suspects in these homicides and the countless senseless shootings have been young people, including 15-year-old William Chavis Raymond Jr., who was shot and killed at Mt. Tabor High School on Sept. 1. Raymond was shot by Maurice Evans Jr., who was also a student at the school. 


While encouraging adults in the community to join the fight against gun violence by investing time and energy in our youth, many of the speakers at the rally held in Blum Park, also urged elected officials to provide funding for programs and organizations already doing the work in the community. [...]

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