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Winston-Salem gun violence forum offers solutions to the community

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — More than a hundred parents, children, and neighbors met with local leaders, and law enforcement officers to discuss the disturbing trend that has become almost daily in Winston-Salem: gun violence.

The academic year has already been labeled one of the most concerning years in recent memory, with an increase in juvenile-related gun violence crimes.

Councilwoman Burke told FOX8, “We are here to have a conversation, and hopefully that conversation will lead to actionable strategies that we can move forward and implement. There is no one solution.”

The forum also tracked ideas through four categories:

  • Long-Term Strategies

  • Short-Term Strategies

  • Free Strategies

  • Cost-needed Strategies

During the forum, Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neil explained that the trend of gun violence that involves juveniles at this point in the year has him concerned for the Summer months.

“The fact is, these shootings, the overwhelming majority are being committed by juveniles. . . This when school is in session. We are approaching the summer months. There is not a person on this panel. We are all worried about this summer,” O’Neil said.

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